Venue : Sergeants Mess,Old Prison

Telgha ta' Ras Hanzir, Kordin, Paola

Show duration : 1 hour 

Standard Tickets : 15 euro 

VIP Tickets : 20 euro 

5% Vat included in price. 

Language : English


This is a Seated Show 


Dates : 31st Oct, 1,2,3rd Nov

Live Shows at 7.30pm, 9pm, 10.30pm 



Q. What can I expect from the show?

A. Dr. Thomas Charles Craig: Séance is a one hour Live show paranormal adventure mixed with haunted activities such as possessed dolls, mentalism, hypnotism, a Ouija Board and a Theatrical Victorian Séance which will drop your jaw in awe! 

Q. Where do I get my tickets?

A. You can buy tickets online on this same website by using a credit card or your PayPal account. Should you not have the above options, please call on 99391653. Tickets are not refundable.


Q. Is it a must to take part in any activity? 

A. No. Whilst there are a number of opportunities for audience members to get involved in the show activities during the whole hour (priority will be given to VIP ticket holders), it is equally enjoyable as a spectator. You can simply watch if that is your desire. 

Q. I have previously visited Dar il-Waħx. Is this the same kind of experience?

A. Dar il-Waħx is a walkthrough experience while this is a seated show however requires audience participation all through out the event, while will be witnessing jaw dropping activities and amazing paranormal sessions which can be frightful to many! It is an hour of great spooky fun! Just imagine your best friend involved in some spooky activity! 

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